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Is Europe Christian?

Many Christians’ perspective on Europe are colored by assumptions based upon Europe’s past. The reality might surprise you!

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Is Europe Gospel Proof?

Many Christians don’t fall into the trap of jumping to the first assumption (that Europe is just fine as far as the Gospel goes) but fall headlong into this one.

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Is Europe Ichabod?

Are God’s presence and power are gone forever from Europe? I want to show you why I think that is RIDICULOUS if you believe the Bible.

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Is Europe Easy?

While I attack a fatalistic mindset about European missions, I hope I don’t fuel the opposite problematic mindset: that missions in Europe is a cakewalk.

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Project SW Europe is a church-planting endeavor targeted at one of the least evangelized areas of the world, including the countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France; with a combined population of approx. 173 million souls.

Barcelona is a key city in the center of this area, and it is our prayer that God will allow us to spearhead a church-planting effort through training leaders from Barcelona.

What you should know about Spain:

Spain is the least evangelized of all the Spanish speaking countries

Spain has been without a major Gospel witness for over 1600 years

Spain has only had religious freedom since the ’70’s                          

Spain has fewer missionaries per capita than China or India             

Many assume that Spain is Gospel-hardened: and the vast majority are simply Gospel ignorant. Please pray with us that God will use our ministry, and call many others to lift high the name of Christ in these needy countries!